Inspiration for your photographs will not just come from visual stimulation, feel your photographs.

Shoot'n the Funk out of your camera

This past weekend I was asked to come out and shoot a local up and coming funk band, RhythMethod, at a local bar. I knew that this would present unique challenges as the stage is tight and the lights are low at best and spotty. I made plans to arrive early to get some shots of the band as they set up there gear. The amount of cables was reminiscent of a plate of squid ink spaghetti, how someone doesn't trip in that sea of cables is beyond me. Looking at the lighting situation and where each band member would be I made sure to get shots of the members that would be obscured and in horrible light throughout the show while they were warming up. For my situation I found that focusing manually was my best bet. Due to the tight stage space the band members were all but glued to there spots. 

During the show I made sure to incorporate the crowd when they were out on the dance floor. I used them to frame up band members to add depth and interest to the frame.  This along with an establishing venue shot pulled the story of the night together.  I want to place the viewer in the venue, or in this case get them out to the next show so they can also enjoy some soulful funk music.  Don't forget to Shoot What You Love and Love What You Shoot !