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Lightroom Gets Creative

With the recent release of Adobe’s Lightroom CC, or Lightroom 6 for those who have chosen the stand-alone version, photographers now have an even more powerful organization and editing tool.  If you are new to photography and you are looking for a way to organize your images Lightroom could be the perfect tool for you. 

With this update Adobe has provided tools previously unavailable, unless you used a separate program such as Photoshop, to Lightroom users.  Some of the more notable additions would be; merge to panorama, merge to HDR and facial recognition.  Although none of these additions are ground breaking they offer more options to the Lightroom user. 

Lightroom has always had a solid reputation of being an excellent program to organize photos, but with the addition of facial recognition they have added another very useful tool to the everyday photographer.  Run the facial recognition in your catalog and easily tag all of your friends and family in just a few minutes and you are set.  Want to find that picture you took of Aunt Edna three years ago but not exactly sure where it is, just type her name in the search query and there it is.  Adding this to your work flow will definitely take your photo organization to the next level.

HDR (High Dynamic Range) merge gives the Lightroom user the ability to merge multiple images of varying exposures in to one large image file.  Prior to this addition a merge had to be done outside of Lightroom and the resulting merge would be a much smaller JPEG or TIFF file at best, however when you merge to HDR in Lightroom your resulting file is a sizable DNG file allowing for more adjustment possibilities.

Panorama merge is the last big splash in Lightroom CC.  Again it's not a revolutionary addition but it adds more options to Lightroom users.  The new Panorama merge hasmultiple options allowing for both horizontal and vertical panoramas. As with the HDR merge, the panorama merge results in a sizable DNG file.  Youu can take your panoramas one step further and combine multiple HDR images to create an HDR panorama.

It goes without saying that this is one of the most unique updates to Lightroom.  Lightroom has been a standard with photographers for both organization and RAW file conversions,  the Lightroom CC/6 update adds even more power and speed to the process.  If you are on the fence as to if Lightroom is the right program for you Adobe offers a free trial (click here) . With ever expanding options and tools we truly arein a golden age for creatives, giving you the ability to Shoot What You Love, Love What You Shoot.