Inspiration for your photographs will not just come from visual stimulation, feel your photographs.

What's old is new.

We live in a great age for photography, the digital age.  Digital has afforded us new found possibilities, but with the new possibilities come new challenges.  Everyone carries a camera and instant gratification is the norm, this is a far cry from the days of film.  As a photographer  it's a race to get your images seen quickly, but you still want to deliver a quality product.  How do you differentiate yourself?  How do you stand out from the crowd?  It's simple, print.  Yes, go old school.  A tangible item is quite powerful and adds instant value to you as a photographer.  When I give a client a set of proof sheets, there is more often than not a pause.

 They smile look as they look at the first couple of pages, and I tell them to take their time and look at all the images, take them home and show others.  Then they say "I can keep these?", and the answer is yes, they smile again and continue to look at the images.  Of course I will still deliver digital images, but the impact of a printed photo far out weights sharing a digital file.  So give it a try, print some images and give them to your friends and family.  I can all but guarantee that they will love them.  As always Shoot What You Love, Love What You Shoot.